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Learning By Doing

Hands-on learning is a hallmark of UC Merced's anthropology and heritage studies programs

Breaking Barriers

Our students work closely with faculty members in both the laboratory and field

Global Perspectives

Our world-class faculty conduct innovative research around the globe    

Cutting Edge Research

Applying new technologies and innovative methods to anthropological and heritage studies
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A Synergistic Partnership

The Anthropology program encompasses three of the subfields of anthropology (sociocultural, biological, and archaeological anthropology) that entail humanistic, social scientific, and natural scientific approaches to knowledge of humankind past and present. Similarly, the Geospatial Technologies minor is an interdisciplinary program that applies geospatial hardware and software tools to the study of society, culture, earth sciences, and socio-environmental phenomena.  Through the Community Research & Service minor students from any major on campus learn how collaborative research can address the priorities of Merced and our nearby region.  All three programs provide hands-on learning opportunities and prompt unique and innovative faculty collaborative research of national and international significance.