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Christina Torres

Professor, Chair

(Ph.D., Anthropology, UC Santa Barbara, 2003) Biological anthropology; bioarchaeology; identity, inequality, health, and violence in social and environmental contexts of change; complex societies; Chile

Robin Maria DeLugan


(Ph.D., Anthropology, UC Berkeley, 2004) Sociocultural anthropology, collective identity, migration and transnationalism, social memory, indigeneity; El Salvador, California

Holley Moyes


(Ph.D., Anthropology, SUNY Buffalo, 2006) Archaeology, religion, sacred space, cave archaeology, leadership strategies, complex societies, humans and environment, archaeology and the public, spatial analysis, GIS; Mesoamerica

Linda-Anne Rebhun

Associate Professor

(Ph.D., Anthropology, UC Berkeley and San Francisco, 1993) Medical anthropology, maternal and child health, economic development, social change, globalization, gender, sexuality, religion, emotion; Latin America, African Diaspora, Nigeria

Karl E. Ryavec


(Ph.D., Geography, University of Minnesota, 2002) Heritage studies, historical GIS, geography of religion, economic history

Beth Scaffidi

Assistant Professor

(Ph.D., Anthropology, Vanderbilt University, 2018) Biological anthropology; bioarchaeology; paleopathology; paleodiet (stable isotope analysis); paleomobility (radiogenic isotope analysis); GIS, geospatial analysis; physical/structural violence; Andes

Daniel Thompson

Assistant Professor

(Ph.D., Anthropology, Emory University, 2019) Sociocultural anthropology; urban political economy, borderlands, state-building, capitalism/finance, forced migration, mixed-methods research, cartography, GIS; eastern and southern Africa, African diaspora

Stephen Wooding

Associate Professor

(Ph.D., Anthropology, University of Utah, 2001) Biological anthropology, population genetics, and molecular evolution with a specific focus the genetics of taste perception

Mark S. Aldenderfer

Professor Emeritus

(Ph.D., Anthropology, Pennsylvania State University, 1977) Archaeology, quantitative methods, geographic information systems, hunters and gatherers; Andean Preceramic and Formative, Central Asia, Tibet

Kathleen L. Hull

Professor Emerita

(Ph.D., Anthropology, UC Berkeley, 2002) Archaeology, culture contact and colonialism, hunter-gatherer demography, communal ritual, identity and ethnogenesis, lithics; California, Great Basin


Heather Jarrell

Continuing Lecturer

(Ph.D., Ohio State University, 2011) Palaeopathology and human osteology, trauma and health, primate behavior, comparative primate anatomy, medical anthropology, human gross anatomy

Affiliated Faculty in Other Programs

Jayson Beaster-Jones

Professor, Global Arts Studies

(Ph.D., Anthropology, University of Chicago, 2007) Music, semiotics, anthropological linguistics; commodification of music, music industries, intellectual property; Indian musics, Bollywood film songs; jazz, improvisatory musics; music and multimedia

Nancy Burke

Professor, Public Health

(Ph.D., Anthropology and Public Health, University of New Mexico, 2001) Global health, social Inequalities in health/health disparities, health behavior, medical anthropology, refugees, survivorship, immigration

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